Sol Patrol is a team of engineers building a quant DAO in which theories and models are crowdsourced and then built by our team.

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    Sol Patrol is a quant DAO, where the ‘thinking’ is crowdsourced to the DAO and the engineers focus on building and deploying. The first tool that will be released is the Patrol Report. This tool will allow users to see the different communities that are minting live. We plan to disrupt all insider trading and WL’s within the NFT space. The BETA has been released and a explainer video can be seen here:


    Once a Sol Patrol NFT is in your wallet, you can head to the staking dashboard ( and click the green STAKE HERE button. We have both quantity and time-based reward bonuses for staking your Sol Patrol. The longer you stake and the more Sol Patrol you own, the greater the reward in $BAIL. The reward breakdown can be seen on the staking page (prior to connecting your wallet).

  • FARM

    The farm is where you can use your $BAIL from staking to earn additional APR. Click the ‘Farm’ link at the top of the page or go to the dashboard ( to enter the farming page. Here you can stake BAIL-USDC into the pool to begin earning. The total rewards per month that are distributed to the community for farming is shown at the top of the farm UI.

  • BURN

    All $BAIL collected will be burned. We only burn from the circulating supply by using the revenue generated and buy-backs conducted using 100% of the royalties.