Sol Patrol (Patrol DAO) is a quant-DAO that was created as an experiment to crowd-source the creation of models and theories to the community, while the dev-team is focused on building the technology, utility and resources for holders.

3333 total NFTs were minted in the Sol Patrol collection. Originally, we planned for 5555 in the collection but decided to burn the last 2222 prior to launching.

The main incentive of holding Sol Patrol is the utility created by the Patrol DAO. All holders recieve $BAIL and are given access to all analytical tools and gamification that are built.


Staking is where you earn $BAIL. Start by visiting the Sol Patrol staking site (https://dashboard.solpatrol.io/farm) and click the staking button on the left. Before connecting your wallet, you will see the reward bonus for holding multiple Sol Patrol and for staking for longer periods. After connecting your wallet, the main UI will appear and here you can simply click the Stake button.

The base rate is 50 BAIL/day per Sol Patrol and a bonus is given for holding multiple NFT, up to 100 and a time-lock bonus is given for staking the NFT for a longer duration (maximum bonus is at 180 days).

Verify that you have 0.04 SOL in your wallet. Due to composability errors from exchanges, there may be some issues with the ATA. To fix this, simply use the Raydium migration tool at the top of this page: https://v1.raydium.io/migrate/

You can claim $BAIL rewards directly on the staking page and at any time.


Visit the farming page https://dashboard.solpatrol.io/farm and click Deposit Liquidity. Here you will be prompted to add equal amounts of BAIL-USDC into the farm.

The total rewards that are given per day, week or month are shown at the top of the farming page. The APR is displayed in the UI. You can then harvest your farmed $BAIL by clicking the Harvest button.

We are using Aldrin for the farm (as it is audited), you can claim the LP tokens by going directly to the aldrin pool https://dex.aldrin.com/pools/3e9...wB1_USDC (you may need to use a VPN for restricted regions)

$BAIL Tokenomics

$BAIL is a utility token with no economic or monetary value and is simply used within the Sol Patrol (Patrol DAO) ecosystem.

The total supply of $BAIL is 5B spl-tokens and 50% of the funds are used for rewards, 15% is used for the gamification, 10% is used for any buybacks, 10% is used for token liquidity, 13% is for the team funds (council and devs) that is vested over 15-years, and 2% is used for marketing.

The emission rate of BAIL is designed with a sustainable tokenomics model. We have chosen 15 years of emissions before all tokens are released and this can be extended by a DAO vote.

Yes, and a lot of it! We will be burning 100% of royalties generated from Sol Patrol in $BAIL token and all revenue generated in $BAIL is burned.

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